Thursday, April 10, 2014

Without adequate support services, healthcare value of healthcare is reduced #SaveRyanWhitePartD #NYHAAD

The Cost of HIV+/AIDS to this country - including but not only financial, emotional, psychiatric, work limitation, involving the individual who is affected directly, but caretakers, family immediate and extended, playmates, schools, on and on.

Financial help is key for expensive medications and medical costs, yes. But without programs which provide the rich network of help from people who provide knowledge as to how to live as a person, where and how to locate various other resources needed, to live effectively, to have hope and respect for self, believe that a responsible life is possible, the benefit of money will be effectively reduced.
A working network of the complexity described here doesn't happen overnight or by edict. Please continue to fund the Ryan White Part D exactly as it is.

Karen of Massachusetts
#SaveRyanWhitePartD #NYHAAD

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