Thursday, April 10, 2014

Cutting funding wrong and counterproductive, says Charlise #saveryanwhitepartd #nyhaad

I think cutting Ryan White is not only wrong but less cost effective in the long run. People are depending on Ryan White coverage to stay ALIVE! These are not some elective things covered but life and death issues! Of course letting millions die and spread more disease fits right in with a depopulation agenda. This sure would make it a lot harder to deny that is going on. Also, when government has to care for all the orphans, delinquents, future inmates , addicts, prostitutes, and mental health issues caused by losing parents and/or being raised/abused in foster care  it would cost a lot more than just keeping Ryan White to start with. Added expense to government will come in the spread of HIV/AIDS , burial aid to families, panic  , possible riots, and overall distrust of government and therefore rebellion/protesting. It seems to me it would make more sense to KEEP coverage than save a little now to spend much more later.


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