Thursday, April 10, 2014

Part D counseling helped HIV+ teen know her worth #SaveRyanWhitePartD #NYHAAD

I have AIDS. Because of Ryan White Part D, my family and I were able to go to therapy for free. When you are a teenager sometimes you can go through a lot of stress because kids at school and people you date sometimes act funny with you because of HIV or AIDS. Not only did we get a real therapist who had their license, it was at a place where they knew a lot about HIV and AIDS, so they could really help me. I was really depressed and didn't want to go to school anymore or even try to have a boyfriend because of all the drama. The therapy I got with Part D helped me learn more about being comfortable with myself and learn how to handle when and how to tell people. I still don't have a boyfriend, but when I get one again this time I won't deal with being treated like dirt anymore because the therapy helped me to know I am worth better than that.
N, Houston, TX

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