Thursday, April 10, 2014

Itz Prayn Time: A Poem by 3 Sisters in the Spirit Theatre Ministry #saveryanwhitepartd #nyhaad

Itz Prayn Time
Granny lies awake prayn at night
Never letting her baby out of sight
She would love to see her little girl
Grow up to take on and conquer this world
Itz  time 4 prayer
Time to let our babies know we care

He wants to go home to see his mother
His father, his sister, his brother
They told him never to come back
Cuz 4 what he has they have given him a lot of flack
If he could just get one more hug, a kiss, a smile
This would help him go on for a little while
Itz time 4 prayer
Time 4 our families to let our sons  know they care

She wants to go to church just for prayer
A song, a word from someone who cares
They look the other way, don’t even get close
She’s used to this treatment wherever she goes
She used to think that church folk were different
But they too often taunt and torment
Itz  time 4 prayer
Time for the church to let our brothers &  sisters know they care

She just got the news and doesn’t know what to say
It was devastating news much to her dismay
Will she be able to tell her best friend
Would she be the one on whom she could depend?  
Itz  time 4 prayer
Time for us to let our friends know we  care

We all need prayer U and me
To deliver us from the shame, hurts and indignities of this thing called HIV
Grannies need to be able 2 live their lives without worry yet filled with prayer
Families need to nurture their sons and show them they care
Church folk need to do what Jesus would do
And show some love to sisters and brothers as they go thru
Itz time to talk to Jesus
And ask Him to guide and lead us
Ask His blessings to give us a healing
So this disease won’t stop us from feeling
No matter what or who or how or why
We got a lot of prayn to do
Church! Itz time 4 prayer
Time to let the world  know we care
                                                       sister mama sonya-013©

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