Thursday, April 10, 2014

Children of the World: A Poem by 3sisters in the Spirit Theatre Ministry (TW for graphic content) #SaveRyanWhitePartD #NYHAAD


Tell the tales of the children of the world
Share the life stories of boys and girls
The street children of Freetown Sierra Leone
from the civil war
Just barely surviving from day to day
The children of Haiti who are not able to go to school
In some cases malnutrition is not the exception but the rule
The children of Liberia who carried AK47s
Boy soldiers who killed with ferocity again and again
The children of the Brazillian Favelas where drugs and gangs are a way of life
A sad existence so full of strife
The lost boys of Sudan who were displaced and separated from there families
Victimized by the Sudanese war’s atrocities
The girls who are victimized every minute by human trafficking and sexual exploitation
Tricked into a life of slavery and prostitution
Children who go into foster care
Wanting their own  families, some feeling hopeless, some  living a life of despair
The 14 year old girl in South Africa who has to take care of her sisters and brothers
Because that thing called AIDS took her father and mother
The criminal justice system which unjustly incarcerates
And the lives of our children which it desecrates
Children in Afghanistan, Egypt,Syria, Uganda, Turkey, Iraq
Places of unrest
Places where our children are stressed and depressed
The gangs and drug lords who devastate the lives of our children
While disrespecting, harming  and destroying them
Children in Americas the most technologically advanced country anywhere
Where children die because they have no access to
quality health care
We honor and remember our  children of the world
Wounded and  hurting boys and girls
Children who just need to be supported,
nurtured and cared for
Cherished, protected, treasured and adored
Children who just need to live and JUST be
not be destroyed by
 hatred, foster care, war, trafficking drugs, gangs, poverty, the criminal justice system, OR HIV
sister mama sonya-013©

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