Thursday, April 10, 2014

Eunice expresses her outrage about Part D changes #SaveRyanWhitePartD #NYHAAD

This message is addressed to the politicians and lawmakers who want to shamefully slash Ryan White funding. It would be criminal to slash healthcare funding for HIV+ women, children and families and the American people will not accept such a crime. This disease has been a tragedy from the start and now it is a pharmaceutical profit industry as it continues to ruin so many lives. 

The government is absolutely responsible for the health of the people as so many politicians are invested in the pharmaceutical industry and are profiting by it. The least they politicians can do is to keep the Ryan White benefits and they should be doing a lot more. All that money that they are making should be used to speed up the research for the cure and in the meantime the prevention of and the care of those afflicted. 

What goes around comes around unless you wake up and use your brains and do the right thing, morally, ethically and economically. It is simple common sense!

-Eunice from Massachusetts

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