Thursday, April 10, 2014

Fight back--don't let them cut needed services #saveryanwhitepartd #nyhaad

Part D Ryan White "cuts" are just the tip of the iceberg of what our elected officials ( as opposed to our representatives) have in mind for the months and years to come. We need to fight every fight and never give up even when "they" tell us we're beaten. We have great needs to be met for millions of people who find them in dire financial because of uncontrollable circumstances.

There are billions of $$$ allocated to the Pentagon allegedly in the name of keeping us safe, while those right here at home suffer from having benefits cut, unemployment cut, food stamps cut, Medicare & Social Security assaulted, and do you believe, veterans benefits cut because "we just can't afford them". I support everyone who OPPOSES these cuts and benefits because they are just WRONG and because we can EASILY afford them if we reallocate funds that now go to subsidies to large corporations, and new tax relief measures in the Senate now that provides tax RELIEF just for financial companies receiving a significant part of their income from OVERSEAS operations. The list goes on. I am with you in spirit and support you fully. We need jobs and we need help, if the government won't help us, we need to help each other, disgracing them in the process.
Bob, an RN,  Maryville, TN

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